Robbs custom double DIN install

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So Robb came up from FL today to get some help installing his system. He got one of my custom double DIN bezels which was painted metallic silver (PSB). So overall he now has installed a custom bezel, a Pioneer double DIN, Kicker 3.5s in the dash, Kicker 6x9s in the front doors and 5.25s in the rear doors. He is rocking Alpines 12s in the new Fox Acoustics vented box and a Kicker and JL amp. Sound good? Hell yeah? Look good? Hell yeah. We wrapped everything up and he left just in time to miss the hail storm we ended up having!

He also took home one of my custom plastic welded CAIs but we didnt get any pics of it :(

Here are some pics and a video

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I think from 2006 and up you can just get a factory part that will accept a Double Din. 02-05 models didn't have an option so they have to be custom made.

You can get a kit that allows a double din to work in the later dashes but they have spacers which fill the sides of the OEM dash opening. So it works but it doesn't look stock.
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