Rod hall or restored 1990 power wagon

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I have a chance to get a 1990 rod hall edition power ram.. It's complete but has rust on all fenders and rust on the roof where the drip moulding runs across... It's 2200 bucks... But I can also get a mint 1990 power ram with 360 no rust immaculate condition for 6000... Is the rod hall worth the rust to buy or should I get the perfect condition one? I'm new to gen 1 trucks I've always owned 2002 up rams...


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Rod Hall made his career in offroad races with Dodge trucks. He set some ridiculous record with a string of wins being undefeated for I forget how many races. Back when Dodge trucks had nothing going for them, they had Rod Hall kicking everyone's butt with Dodge trucks. On that signature series, they only made 33 of them. If you want to build a very rare model, grab it, but I doubt it'll ever be worth much.

Here it is:
The team had moderate success during the first year, but in 1977, Hall began a winning streak that lasted into the next decade driving the Class 4 Dodge to an unbroken string of 37 consecutive Score and HDRA victories, a record which stands to this day.
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