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Hello Ram Fans,

I am looking for some advise to help with a suspension problem I am having. I recently bought a parts truck with a 5" skyjacker kit. I stripped the kit and replaced all new poly bushings and grease fittings, painted the parts and installed it in my 95 and up graded the tires and rims to 285/75R17's ~34".

I knew it would ride a bit rougher, but its like a tank and kind of clunky. I went under and found i have some play in the track bar so its got to be changed out and the shocks are "superlift brand", twin tube im sure.

Im looking for some advice on a shock upgrade, if an adjustable track bar is worth it or just go back to oem. Are Monos worth the money. Or if there any other suggestions to help me fix my ride quality problem.

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