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2008 Dodge Ram.. Just replaced water pump, thermostat (twice), flushed coolant system. Bleed Air. Coolant Level full.
Thought all was well, till made long trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving. Driving Interstate, Got very cold inside . 22 outside. Looked at temperature gauge , at first line. Was running at the middle steady earlier, Slowed down. RPM went below about 2000-2200 temperature started to rise. Any time engine RPM went above 2200 temperature starts going lower...Checked level, had my son change thermostat , new coolant again, bleed air out of system. Seem to work good until trip back same thing. Checked fan blade not stuck , little resistance. Believe some of the coolant came out of over flow into system. Radiator warm on Driver side, passenger side with thermostat side cold.
Takes a while to warm up. Is it possible wrong water pump causing issue? Going to replace radiator cap on it... grasping for Straws.
Any idea on the fix??? First Dodge ... Purchased with 50K on it.
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