running rough

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Here is my confusion..... I put a 5.2l in my dodge ram that had a 5.9 in it but now if I have all the vacuum lines hooked up it dies out like the rpm gauge drops and when i disconnect any of the vacuum lines it runs better a little rough but doesn't die out. When I hit the gas it revs up without hesitating at all and drives fine only when I let it get back down to idle in 1st gear or in reverse when stopped it dies. It is getting better since I ran it for a bit and kept hitting the gas to keep it running but is still dieing when you just let it sit can someone explain to me what is going on....
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I would only be guessing, so let some other people comment before jumping into it
i would guess at a vacuum leak
could be hoses, you could spray WD-40 lightly along the hoses & the intake manifold while the engine is running fairly smoothly
if it picks up speed or tries to die out, likely you found the leak
another possibility is the plenum gasket, if it turns out to be bad, pick up the kit made by
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