Scraping when Accelerating 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L

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I just purchased a blue 2000 Ram 1500. The truck runs great and I got it for less than half KBB but it make a slight scraping sound when it driving faster then say 15mph. It doesn't do it when idling. Has anyone experienced this? It almost sounds like there is some scraping somewhere along the drivetrain. I cleaned out the transferbox and rear differential and there was no chucks of metal or dirty fluids. Thx!

By the way, the floor board slightly vibrates with the sound.
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Do you know if that truck ever went in deep mud, or did a lot of offroading?
Because with mine, i had the same issue, but it turned out to be rocks or whatever around the driveshaft, wheels. Went away with a good spray down of the undercarriage.
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