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2011 Ram 5.7 engine scrubbed rollers and cam.
Professional rebuild. New crankshaft and cam sensors, new phazers.

On initial startup it ran like a new one. Ran to Operating temp then shutdown to cool and check all fluids and leak check, All perfect.

Restart let run 20 minutes again then took for a 30 mile drive. All perfect runs as it should no codes.

shut down for 10 minutes then took out again and instant code p0016.
Wiring all looks good connectors all checked multiple times.
Pin tested terminals to see what is there, even though I do not yet know what it should be,
after code clear and battery disconnect

Cam sensor wire:
IGN off ALL terminals .5 Volt With mid terminal showing continuity to ground.
IGN on Outside terminals 5.5v center .5v

Crank sensor:
IGN off no voltage on any wire and center shows continuity to ground.
IGN on Outside 5v center .004v so zero.

Anyone know the proper voltage specs?
Any suggestions?
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