Seriously Dodge?

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So I bought a new 2011 (manufactured in 2011)Ram Crew Cab less than 30 days ago, and was down on the ground bolting on some Westin Stainless nerf bars, and I noticed something.

Half the trim screws that hold the front fender to the lip of the fender are missing. As in they were never put in at the factory, no marks of any kind where they should have been. Different ones missing on both sides.

Not a huge deal, since I will go today and have them either replace them or give me the hardware to put on myself, but it tells me that little care was put into making sure everything in this truck was done right from the factory and what other bolts are missing that I don't know about. There have been other minor issues like this I have found as well.

I love the truck, and will make it right, but it seems Dodge QC in the Gov't bailout years sure took a hit. My 2008 Durango 4.7L seems to have had a lot better QC in General. Maybe Fiat can make positive impact on Dodge quality.
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pretty bad how manufacturers skimp, 1 screw probably costs them less than a cent due too buying in bulk.... even if they sell half a million of those trucks it wouldnt even cover the payment of 1 truck for 1 year......
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