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Hey guys, first post.

Got my new 2019 a couple weeks ago, it is an amazing truck. I am still learning where all the buttons are.

I want to dive into the forum by asking a bit about the sheet metal. The left front fender in particular.

Here is the thing. I am driving along, get a call I must take. I have not yet figured out the Uconnect so I was speaking on the actual phone.. It is a nice day in a quiet area so I hop out, wander around a while speaking on the phone.

I migrate toward the front left render and rest my elbow on the top, then prop against the fender a bit . . . looking like the Fonze all cool and stuff.

All cool until the fender goes "Bonk"!!!. The fender caves in like it is made of paper mache'!!! I step back and am horiffied to see that I have a huge dent in the fender. I mean, it is 18" across and three 3"deep. On a two day old truck!! 馃樀馃樀馃樀馃樀

Seems like it has done the "Oil Drum" thing.

I am freaking out, this CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!

I inspect the dent, maybe it will pop back out. So I bump it in strategic areas with.the meat of my fist and sure enough "Bonk" it pops back out.

But it leaves a crease right in the center. Very noticable.

I am sick about it, run ask the dealer about it and of course he tells me to go kick rocks.

I was NOT leaning into it with any weight. I could have caved it in with my thumb. Really, I could literally, actually cave in my fender using a finger.

Anyone have a similar experience?

What shoud I do? Storm the dealership? Contact the manufacturer? Live with it?

Thanks, I already feel better just venting.

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Welcome to Ramforumz! We're glad to have you here. I moved your post to an area where more members will see it.

Sorry to hear of this issue with your 2019 Ram. Could it be, the sheet metal is thinner to save weight? I haven't heard of anyone else with this problem, but the 2019 is still new. Maybe, not all 2019 owners have experienced this, yet?

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Paintless dent removal, ask for it by name - Odds are pretty good they can smooth it out. Most are independent contractors so ask around to find the good ones.
Yup the new metal is quite thin for weight savings but it's also tougher than the old stuff but that doesn't keep it from denting easily.

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Thank you BobS
Sure thing, I have considered that, though I am not thrilled about eating it.
I will either go that way, or consider it as that "First Blood" so I no longer worry so much about using the new truck.
Regardless, I now have to run about yelling at my friends "Don't touch the truck!!" keeping me out of the Kool Kid club. 鈽

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Insurance would cover it.
I am in good hands.
Is there a good contact to use to contact Chrysler? Something that works?
Oh, and I wanted to thank you for your service, so:

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I am not sure of the number to use to contact Chrysler. Maybe look in your owners manual or maybe someone here can provide a number. May look in the FAQ section on here. I am just surprised that it happened. They must be using thinner metal this year. Sucks. Thanks for the thanks, but not needed as it was my pleasure to serve.
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