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I am new to the Ramforumz, but have been reading it for quite a while - particularly while trying to figure out what shocks to put on my 2001 4x4 with the Offroad Package. I wanted a quality, but affordable performance shock (don't we all?).

Here is what I found out after a bunch of research:

Looking at my red OEM shocks that came with the truck (yes I still have them) they are Cofap brand (made in Brazil) rear = #56366-0. They also have the Chrysler logo and a 5211# on it. I could not find anything anywhere on these shocks specs.

KYB Monomax abt. $46.00 on Amazon
After several emails to KYB - KYB doesnt make a monotube shock that fits any lifted Ram including the offroad OEM lift (2"ish). They are too short. The KYB Monomax monotube shock for regular non-lifted (as-in NOT for the Offroad Package) 4wd Rams is:
Front #565017 14.02"-22.05"
Rear #565016 is 15.35" - 24.02"
Gas charged to 292 psi.
Each of these is about 2" shorter than the below shocks, so I guess 2" lift +2" shorter = why KYB doesn't fit.

But, KYB has a great video that demonstrates the difference between twin tube and monotube shocks I'd highly recommend:

Bilstein 5100 Abt. $75.00/ea. on Amazon
Spoke with Bilstein on the phone. For the monotube 5100 series on the '00/'01 Ram with Offroad package they recommend:
Front #24-185776 14.88" - 24.37"
Rear #24-185783 16.16" - 26.14".
Gas charged to 360 psi.

Rancho 5000 Abt. $51.00 on Amazon
They said these are twin tube design (see KYB video link above). If I wanted twin tube, I'd just get Monroe's, so I dropped the 5000's at that.

Rancho 9000 Abt. $94.00/ea. on Amazon
Spoke with Rancho over the phone. These are the 9-position manually adjustable shocks and claim over 400% change in control and response by turning the dial on each shock. Rancho called them a "tri-tube" design. I am not sure what this meant, I tried to get them to explain it, but I guess we had a disconnect on that point over the phone.
Front #RS999221 15.3" - 23.8"
Rear #RS999198 15.9" - 25.08".
Not sure how much psi these are charged to.

Rancho 7000 Abt. $80.00/ea. on Amazon
Rancho said this is their monotube shocks.
Front is #RS7044 15.7" - 24.3".
Rear #RS7198 15.86" - 25.46"
Gas charged to 270-300 psi

My conclusion: I liked the original ride of the red OEM shocks. They did great on the pavement with body roll and braking; offroad they were great on the beach at up to (and often over) 50 mph and crawling the Coloroado mountain trails around Ouray - dampening the bumps and jars, but not too stiff as to vibrate the cavities out of your mouth.

So, I likely would have gotten the KYB's if they had one that fit - strictly because of the cost. But, I am buying the Rancho 7000's because they are a little less gas pressure than the Bilstein 5100's, I want the softer ride offroad via the lesser psi, monotube design for offroad so shock doesn't cavitate (see video link above) and the monotube design for the pavement (body roll and braking, etc.). If I towed heavy trailers, I'd probably flip my opinion though and go for the stiffer Bilsteins.

I'll measure the OEM shocks after I get them out and post the actual lengths and put in a review of the handling on the Rancho 7000's later.

Hope this info helps anyone looking for shocks for their Ram 4x4 with the Offroad Package!!!

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I have a 97 Ram 4x4, ext-cab, short-bed, that is lifted 2", the same as the "off-road" edition. I used the ones specified for the factory set-up and have had NO issues!
I installed the Monroe Reflex shocks. They have the range to handle the additional 2".
The ride is great with these, and I have been very happy with them. They are capable of handling a 2" lift with no issues. I bought mine on Amazon.
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