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So after I had my lights installed I touched base again with PIAA and told them the route I'd went and that I had went from 3 ATP lens to 2 and 1 driving lens. Jamison, same guy I'd talked to previously, said he thought I'd be better served by a SMR lens and that he'd get me some on the way. I clarified that I only needed one and thanked him.

I was skeptical about whether or not he was serious until yesterday when a free 520 SMR lens was shipped to my door. A $50-60 part they sent me because they thought it was "a better fit" for my situation. I'm sure some guys would say it's because I'm first response, but I doubt it. I say this because I've heard that PIAA has killer Customer Service for a long time, they didn't ask for receipts of purchase, or ask for proof that I'm even a first responder...just took me at my word. I have to admit that's refreshing.

Anyhow, great customer service and now I've experienced it. Thought I'd share!

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