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Hey folks. Its time I changed my exhaust system cause one of my tail pipes fell off some how:4-dontknow: and I am thinking about installing a side exhaust (before the rear tire) and I have been looking around but I cant seem to find a place that sells that setup. Is this a custom job? Is anyone here running this setup? Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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I know gibson makes them. I think magnaflow does as well.
Are you looking for a DIY bolt-up kit? A muffler shop would probably be able to do a side-exit setup fairly easily and fairly economically. I usually have been a fan of bolt-up kits in the past, but I really like how a muffler shop can make a nicer weld-on hanger bracket to take advantage of the very nice rubber mounted OEM hanger system. Plus, you certainly don't have to worry about leaks when everything is welded up. Some people are concerned with replacement issues down the road, but unless you let the muffler guy use some cheap tubing and such, that's not much of an issue. On my '89 full-size Jimmy, I had a welded system with Edelbrock headers that is 20 years old right now with lots of off roading under its belt. It's still intact. Besides, by the time one component in the system fails or burns through, some or most of the rest of the system is usually right behind it.
Yes I have just seen Gibson exhaust they are pretty nice but I am not looking for a DIY kit. I plan on buying the setup and having my mechanic install it but now that I think about it I would rather have the local muffler shop weld the muffler and pipes together instead of bolting them on. Thanks for the help gentleman .
I am getting the Flowmaster AmericanThunder kit. It comes with either dual exit out the rear or dual exit out the side. It is a bolt up kit but having a shop tack it into place should be no problem. I went to a local shop when I had my '00 Ram 1500 Sport 5.2 and purchased the Flowmaster exhaust and they custom fabricated the dual out the side setup for me right there. Key thing to remember if you are having the shop make the setup for you that they mandrel bend the tubes and not crimp them. Will cause restrictions in the flow with crimping. If you want to look at the flowmaster kit that is dual out the side here is the link. The part number for this kit is 17398
Oh wow this is exactly what I have been looking for. This would be perfect. Its something different. I hope it gives a good sound.
If that is what you are looking for then I will have to pass on the site that I saw someone on here recommend. Go to I am ordering that exact exhaust system along with a Volant PowerCore CAI for $570 and they have free shipping. They also have other dual side exit systems for good prices as well. Hope this helps. Also I should be ordering the pieces here in the next couple days so if you aren't in too big a hurry I will post a clip on how the AmericanThunder sounds after install.
Yes this is what I am exactly looking for and the prices are much better on this site. I am not in a rush but it does need to get changed very soon. I am def looking forward to hearing that clip. Thanks for the help Madsoul87.
Taking a little longer than expected to save up money to order my parts. Ol' Lady's car broke down so I hadta dump thousand bucks into that just for them to tell me that they fixed some things and the rest they have no clue about. Told her to sell the damn thing and if she gets another Saturn she is on her own lol. Should be ordering the exhaust and intake this week and have them installed by next week.
Nice looking forward to hearing that exhaust. Sorry to hear about your ol lady's car. She should sell the Saturn and get her self a nice reliable and dependable good looking car or truck "cough Dodge Ram cough".
here is my set up and sound clip
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Ordering the exhaust and intake tonight. Hopefully will have them installed next week and have the clip for ya as soon as they are installed. I am getting her a Dakota. I dun need her in a Ram, she might run something over. Least in a Dakota she will have MOPAR reliability... plus I can fix it if something does go wrong lmao. No way in hell would I attempt to work on that Saturn.
Exhaust is installed and all I can say is WOW lol. I will have pics up soon and a vid clip for ya tomorrow. If you want a dual out the side exhaust though this one sounds absolutely amazing. It isn't ear bleed loud but when ya get into the throttle it gets up there. It has good sound all around on it and I can definitely tell a difference in performance from stock to this. Though I did also install my Volant PowerCore intake just before I had the exhaust put on so that could be part of it.
I have side pipes only on the right side and sounds great I'm running flowmasters and had a muffler shop just run dual staggered out the right side.
Lets see if this works.. Here is some pics of the old exhaust and new exhaust..

This is the old exhaust, piping and resonator removed...

The new Flowmaster AmericanThunder exhaust before install...

Picture of the tips while the guy was welding everything into place...

And finally the completed system all welded up and ready to go...

This setup sounds absolutely amazing. I will have a sound clip tomorrow for ya hopefully if the weather decides to play nice after work
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Id go borla. I had that put on my truck and it turned out amazing. That is if you like deep throaty sounds
if you find the right shop they should be able to do it for you pretty cheap..when i did this awhile back, cost me $200 (including muffler and dual side exit before tire)

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And finally I have a sound clip. It is louder in person. Hadta use my iPod to record this since I don't have a camera at the moment.

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