Single/Regular Cab. VS. CrewCab.

  • Single/Regular Cab.

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  • CrewCab.

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Single Cab VS. Crew Cab

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I was wondering what the people prefer, a Single/Regular Cab. or a Crew Cab. Tell us what you have, prefer, why and what you want.

Let the discussion begin!
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I prefer my short wheelbase single cab.

Very tight turning radius. Simple to trailer with, only 1 annoying passenger.
I prefer the crew cab. Lots of room for the grandkids and dirt bikes. No longer need to take 2 vehicles.
Wife and 3 kids.... what choice did I have?
I would rather have a single cab, but you can have more fun with 5 extra people!
I prefer the Quad cabs for numerous reasons.
- I like the appearance
- Storage
- Passenger accommodations
- Utilitarian aspect

I have had numerous Regular cab trucks, and 2 Expeditions but I was still wanting a truck. I needed to compromise since our 4th Child is on the way. We planned on breaking down and buying a Mini-Van in the spring, so I figured now was the perfect time to make my move.

For my circumstances, quad cab is the only way.
My truck is a quad cab which is close to the crew cab. I've always owned regular cabs and always thought they looked better,but I really like the extra space I have now.
I got the quad cab because
1. I figured the extra row of seats would come in handy when family visits etc.
2. I think it looks better than the crew cab. I think this has to do with the size of the bed. If the crew had 6.4 bed it might look better, but then again my quad cab with 6.4 barely fits in most parking spaces around here
3. More room
4. The 4 door trucks were being discounted more than 2 door around here at the time I was buying. It still cost me more than a regular cab, of course, but the price difference after rebates was much lower than the price difference at sticker, so it just made sense to spend a little extra to get a lot more truck

Overall, I'm pleased with the quad cab. If I was driving around people in the backseat a lot, I would probably go with the crew, even though I know I fit back there ok with the seats all the way back. My passengers just look a little smushed in the back
I really enjoy the space in the crew cab, nobody ever feels like they're crammed in.
My kids love the Crew Cab!
Cant go wrong with crew cab. Plenty of space
I just came from a highly modded full-size Jimmy 4X4 that hasn't had the backseat in place for 20 years. I needed and used the space in the back but not for people. A standard cab, short bed Express was just what I needed, and I didn't need 4WD anymore. My wife and I are the only ones who ride in this truck. My truck has an ARE camper shell, and on a short bed standard cab it doesn't look too "grandpa'd" out...kinda looks like my Jimmy...or a Ramcharger...LOL!

People who haul lots of people are gonna need a bigger truck. That's just logical. For me the weight savings and the money savings were also a big plus with this Express. Not sure a poll is important in this case, as some need more seating space, and some just want a bigger truck. This is an extremely preferential issue or an extremely logic/necessity driven issue. The good news...Dodge makes lots of choices.:smileup:
I love my quad cab like most of you say it has the room inside. The single cab had the room too but I need the quad cause of my family. I need room in the vehicle I am driving. I like to be comfortable while driving and so should my passengers. The worst car I have ever been inside of was a Mitsubishi Eclipse. NO LEG ROOM!
I'm set up as a welding rig, I went with the crew cab not for passengers but for more storage space.
This is my first extra cab pickup. All I've owned up to this point were regular cabs and there really is no comparison. You dont realize how much you use the backseat til you get one. The only way id ever do a regular cab again is if I was buying the truck specifically as a weekend toy.
All I've had is regular cab Ram's, this being my second. I rarely have a passenger, though my mom and brother weren't uncomfortable when they rode with me, most times it's either just me or me and my small dog lol. While I do prefer the regular cab, I am thinking next time I may go bigger because I do like and kind of miss having a backseat as an option, just didn't need it when I bought my truck so my vote goes regular cab.

- Cajun
Thanks for all the responses, appreciate it :)

I have a Single Cab Short Bed Hemi, I love it but wouldn't mind a CrewCab with a Cummins
Quad for looks, space and around here usually little kids have singles...but I like either
Should it be Crew Cab vs Quad Cab? Reg Cab is in its own category imo.
I think it's a 4-door vs. a 2-door thing lol but I agree, the reg cab is in a class all it's own. :)

- Cajun
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