Single Straight (w/ cat), Dual Straight(w/ cat), or Dual glasspacks

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Ok so at the moment I am running Stock everything except muffler. It is an 18in glasspack, and it is not loud enough haha. I was wondering what i should do out of these three options; run single straight(w/ stock cats), dual straights(w/ stock cats), or run dual 18in glasspacks. I want it to be LOUD:Wow1: Any feedback?
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im in the same boat bro i got stock set up i was going to run just cat then straight out to the tail pipe didnt kno how it will sound tho..if i come across some anwsers ill let you kno
So did you guys end up going to straight pipes? I think I'm going to be pulling out my muffler this week - she's way too quiet...
i ran true duals with flowmasters and its not to loud but when you get down on it its pretty loud but it does not have that ******* rap sound. my wife and kids said it sounds like a racecar and some other people said it has the mustang sound
Yes loud exhaust is bad ass but also consider how it sounds. On my first Ram I ran straight pipes from the Cat back and it was loud as hell but the sound wasn't mean. (honestly kind of annoying) On my current Ram I have a 18" glass pack. It's not as loud but it sounds like it will eat you.
thinking the same but does the cat create enough back pressure so you dont end up burning up your valves
take it from someone who runs a 350 with open long tubes at the track: unless you are running lean, lack of back pressure will never ever burn your valves.

Also, back pressure is always, always bad and never ever ever any good, ever. (unless you run a turbo with it). What you REALLY want is high exhaust velocity, low back pressure, and tuned primary lengths to optimize exhaust scavenging through carefully timed pulses creating a vacuum signal on the valve behind the outgoing exhaust pusle, which is a fancy way of saying the POLAR OPPOSITE of back pressure. THIS is what helps your low end torque by increasing your volumetric efficiency.
I have stock manifolds with magnaflow cat 3 inch piping and a flowmaster 40 and its loud as hell dumped on the right side in front of the axle
Im in the same situation. I really love the sound of my thrush glass pack but it just isn't loud enough for me.... but im afraid of any problems a straight pipe would cause, if there even is any. Ive got stock manifolds and cat and the only thing I changed was the old huge stock muffler to a thrush. But as far as sound, im not too sure what would be better, single straight or dual. Any suggestions? thanks
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