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Ok, so I have been living under a rock apparently for the past few months. I bought a 2015 Ram 1500 last November, I loved everything about the truck except the fact that Uconnect could not connect to an iphone for anything other than reading my text messages, no responding. Well I just found out about the update for the uconnect that will let you use siri to reply to messages!

Long story short, I went on the put in my VIN, tells me I need to update... the files name is


so I do exactly as the thing tells you.. download it, extract it onto a blank thumb drive.. load the thing into the truck, go through the process until it says would you like to update your 16.16.13 to 16.16.13? (so obviously it loaded).

Now comes the problem. There's no Siri. long hold the button, just goes to the system VR... double tap the button, goes to VR. I went through all the settings, no where at all does it show carplay or siri...

I'm out of ideas... it seems everyone else has a problem with the systems locking up, but no one seems to have a problem with the update taking but still not having Siri... anyone have any ideas? The update definitely took, because I now have themes and the warning message for NAV is different.

Not sure if it matters, but my truck came with the 8.4A radio and I paid to add NAV after I had the truck home..


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So I called uconnect today, and its fixed. Apparently when you do your pairing you have to ensure you delete the phone from the truck FIRST. Then delete uconnect from your phone, then restart the pairing process.. I must have only been deleting one side and that is why it wasn't working... or you just have to call and magically it fixes itself making you look like a fol on the phone... :doh:
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