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Teacher was sick and so a substitute teacher for the day.

She explained to the kids that english was going to be different than normal. Each student would stand up and give a saying they heard at home and then the class would discuss the saying after some had been given. So each student was to write the saying down as they heard it from the student.

Immediately Wanda stood up and said,"my Mom is always saying 'Well, I ain't never!' " Teacher told the students to write that down and they would discuss later.

Julie stood up and said, "My Dad always say, 'You say what!' " Teacher again instructed students to write that down.

Sally stood up and said, "My brother is always saying 'That will be the day' when my sister is stating she is going to be movie star. Students all start writing.

Teacher asks if any boys have something to add?

Johnnie jumps up and says "My Grandma is always saying 'Sit on it' and my uncle Clem is always saying she is forgetting the H after the S."

Students writing, teacher staring at the back wall.
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