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Hello all! Not really a problem but certainly an annoyance! I have a 2008 1500 Big Horn, 4.7L, 6 Speed manual transmission, 44K miles. When I go through all of the 6 forward gears, they seem normal. By that I mean when I shift gears I can feel the shifter slide through the gates and into the appropriate gear. But when I select the reverse gear, it doesn't feel remotely the same. It feels like there are no gates at all and I have to hold the shifter in position to engage reverse or it just slips out of gear. Once its in gear it stays, but its just a bear to grab the gear. Also occasionally it will slip out of the forward gears...but rarely.

I also have a 2007 2500 HD (5.7L). I know the transmissions are different but it feels very different when shifting. I have zero issues getting the 2500 into gear. Is this something I need to worry about or can adjust? Any help greatly appreciated!!
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