Smoked a BMW

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This afternoon, when I was driving back home, I was stuck behind this BMW 330I. It was a guy and (probably) his girlfriend, as soon as he past me it started. To begin with he cut me off and brake checked me out of nowhere, and started driving slower than me. I don't like those kind of people and so I wanted to pass him, but every time he would slowdown more so I couldn't pass because of the person next to me. I saw the chance to pass him, and while passing him, he started to race me. Which irritated me even more, he probably only did it to show off to his girlfriend. The thing I did, like most Hemi drivers, I let the 390 horses run free and smoked his ass :box: Nothing beats a HEMI, especially some young prick with the car from his daddy
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Congrats on eating your first Beamer. Big Red got one a couple of weeks ago! Gotta love a Hemi!
Nice! congrats!
Nice kill on that idiot doing the brake check out of nowhere - tell you what, I've had a couple similar situations, and that 105mph limiter kicks in fairly abruptly!
nice kill hate guys that do that crap too especially trying to show off to his girl. But must of been funny getting smoked and embarrassed when he saw a big truck smoke his lil expensive bmw! ha makes me laugh nice kill dutch!
Great kill!! Put him in his place and take his girl!
His girlfriend probably wanted to ride with you afterwards :LOL:
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