SMS messages via Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy note 3

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So I have a new 2014 Longhorn. I'm here in Canada. The dealers tell me I'm not supposed to be able to get my SMS text messages over the uconnect via Bluetooth. It was working when I got it then stopped. I put in Viper express connect GPS and remote starter in from Visions up here. Took it to the dealer they said none of the Ram/Dodge vehicles have this working and can't even use their computer to put the code in but in the USA this apparently all works. So I took it back to the Visions guy thinking maybe he put a code in or something there was an issue. He checked all the connections and codes and found nothing. He couldn't really understand what the idiot in the store wrote on the problem so he came out to the truck with me. Lo n behold it started working again. Both of us now puzzled then he thought maybe it was the smart FOB and I couldn't rem if I had which one I had at the time one me but then rem it was the one there when it came on. I tried the other FOB and nothing....I tried deleting my phone, re-installing it and re-pinning it now it's off again and this time no phonebook even. I told the dealer it all went off one day as I was driving down a freeway and on my dash messages saying auto wipers off, auto hibeams off, front park sensors off.... but when I started the truck up after this they were all on and even in the settings it was all still checked off. This on/off of this function is driving me crazy it's so useful. Does anyone know the code for setting this stupid thing on?? I pair a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 up to the uconnect. Can anyone help?? Before I go stir doesn't believe me it used to work. I'm heading there AGAIN tomorrow to show them the photos I took of it when it worked briefly yesterday.
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