snow and ice on a rolling bed cover

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I'm thinking about getting the retrax pro or maybe even the retrax power pro but I'm concerned that in the winter (I live in Northern NJ) when we have ice and snow if the ice will become a problem when I need to roll open the cover.

Anyone have any experience with these covers that can comment?

I am also looking at the bakflip g2 ir bakflip vip. I really like both designs but am having trouble deciding which to get.

I'm leaning towards retrax because It seems like it might be more secure than the bak flip and I need that since I will be carrying expensive tools and equipment in the bed.
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Only thing i dont care much for with the powered units, they eat up bed space. Ther seems to be complaints about them failing as well. But you never hear of anyone complaining until it dont Most the complaints i hear of around here is in the winter when they freeze up and cant open them. Old Skool = MANUAL OPEN works for me just fine. And if you wanna keep people from stealing anything out of the back of your truck, go get you a furnace transformer and clamp a wire to it to your box, ground the other end... they`ll only touch it just once. (hehehehe) It stopped the neighbor brats here really quickly... they walk on the other side of the road now.
Some good points about both, powered vs manual and dealin with winter.
I would still prefer the bakflips types myself too like others suggested.
Powered ones are kool, BUT, not so much in the winter months.
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