snow and ice on a rolling bed cover

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I'm thinking about getting the retrax pro or maybe even the retrax power pro but I'm concerned that in the winter (I live in Northern NJ) when we have ice and snow if the ice will become a problem when I need to roll open the cover.

Anyone have any experience with these covers that can comment?

I am also looking at the bakflip g2 ir bakflip vip. I really like both designs but am having trouble deciding which to get.

I'm leaning towards retrax because It seems like it might be more secure than the bak flip and I need that since I will be carrying expensive tools and equipment in the bed.
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All bed covers have issues with ice and snow. On the style you are looking at... if you get a freezing rain... its not going to open. If you get a heavy snow... and you dont' clean it off well.... and the remainder melts from the afternoon sun, and then that re-freezes when the sun goes down.... it will be stuck.

And so on....

The regular folding vinyl types don't like to be removed when it's too cold either. And the rear seal can freeze to the tail gate.

Basically... just pic the one you want, and then deal with the issues in the winter.

OR.... buy a van to work out of.
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