snow and ice on a rolling bed cover

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I'm thinking about getting the retrax pro or maybe even the retrax power pro but I'm concerned that in the winter (I live in Northern NJ) when we have ice and snow if the ice will become a problem when I need to roll open the cover.

Anyone have any experience with these covers that can comment?

I am also looking at the bakflip g2 ir bakflip vip. I really like both designs but am having trouble deciding which to get.

I'm leaning towards retrax because It seems like it might be more secure than the bak flip and I need that since I will be carrying expensive tools and equipment in the bed.
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The power unit taking up more space is a concern for me. If the non-powered model takes up signitficantly less space I'd go with that instead. I just dont know if having a rolling cover will be an issue if it has a layer of ice on it. I don't want to be in a position where I cant open it. I'm leaning more towards the bakflip vp because of that concern. The issue I have with the bakflip vp is that it seems that any time I open my tail gate, I'd have to open the rear panel of the cover to close the gate. that extra step could be come a pain after doing it so many times a day. I like your transformer idea. Kind of like putting an electric fence around the truck. lol That would definitely do the trick.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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