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First off let me say I haven't an idea of the proper place to put this thread but it's a thread.

Anyways in the past oh 6 months I have done a little here there work, I had replaced my radiator with a 3-row all aluminum. I also had to replace my weak fuel pump so new pump, filler tube grommet, and strap hardware. I also rebuilt my transmission over x-mas, my bell housing had cracks and the internals were worn out. During the transmission rebuild I had to replace the rear freeze plugs, when I removed them not only did some black stuff come (rust), but sand from the casting process. Btw my engine block turned 17 on the 16th of april, casting 4-16-95. he's getting older, but still a hell of an engine.

Anyway's I still have tons more to do, but trying to do it all in stride. (no money also doesn't help lol)

Here are some photos, my favorite part of the van is the transmission of course, but I really like my radiator. Speaking of which I am very weary of aluminum so I keep a pH of 11 and it's based on a concentrate of 30% water and 70% anti-freeze, I change it every 2 years maximum.

I also have been treating some rust and I had to custom make my own tow harness to plug into the existing 4 way plug. That was fun, I like the electrical hell I love every aspect of a vehicle.


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My Build Sheet

Vehicle Description DODGE RAM VAN B250 VAN
Model Year 1995
Body Model AB 2 L 12
Sales Code: --- Description:
*ZZ Temporary Driver Seat
ADCP Convenience Group
ADPP Heavy Duty Suspension Group
AEAP Exterior Appearance Group
AEBP Street Appearance Group
AJKP Convenience Group
AJPP Power Convenience Group
APAS Monotone Paint
BANP 120 Amp Alternator
BCQP 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BGKP 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
BKGS 11x2.5 Rear Drum Brakes
CDSP Swivel Driver Seat
CGTS Driver Air Bag Only
CHSP Vinyl Sun Visors
CJAS C/Coded Front Compartment Trim
CJBP C/Coded Front Compartment Trim
CJEP Side & Rear Doors Trim
CK8P Delete Front Floor Mat/Carpet
CLPP Door Sill Scuff Pads
CTAP Front Lower Door Trim Panel
CUB Forward Storage Console
CYBS Bucket Seats
CYXS Delete Rear Seating
DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions
DGRS 4-Spd. Automatic 46RH Transmission
DHAS Lock-Up Torque Converter
DJBS 3,300# Front Axle
DMDS 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio
DRBS Corporate 9.25 LD Rear Axle
EAAC All Engines
ELF 5.2L V8 MPI Engine
GACP Tinted Glass Windows
GAHP Vented Glass
GBBS Tinted Windshield Glass
GCBS Front Door Tinted Glass
GGAP Panel Van Glass
GHDP RR & RT Side Doors w/Glass
GJCP Right Hinged Doors w/Vented Glass
GJFS RT Hinged Doors
GLCP Rear Hinged Doors w/Vented Glass
GLFS Rear Hinged Doors
GNAS Rear View Day/Night Mirror
GPSP Power 6 x 9 Black Mirrors
GVBC All Vehicles W/Power Mirrors
GXRP Keyless Entry
HAAP Air Conditioning
JBAP Instrument Panel Lower Skirts
JBBP Instrument Panel Woodgrain Bezel
JCDS 100 MPH Primary Speedometer
JFBS Oil Pressure Gauge
JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JJAS Cigar Lighter
JJBP Dual Note Electric Horns
JKAS Locking Glove Box
JPAP Power Windows
JPBP Power Locks
LAAP Ignition Time Delay Lamp
LACP Illuminated Entry
LAFS Key in Ign/Seat Belt Warning Buzzer
LALS Low Washer Fluid Warning Signal
LBCP Glove Box Lamp
LBEP Cigar Lighter
LDAP Underhood Lamp
LMAS Halogen Headlamps
MFEP Bright Grille
MKDP Bright Bumpers
MKEP Bright Rear Bumper w/Step Pad
MKFP Bright Front Bumper
NAAS Federal Emissions
NBKS EVAP Control System
NFFP 35 Gallon Fuel Tank
NHMP Speed Control
PR8 Deep Molten Red Pearl Coat
QR8S Deep Molten Red Pearl Coat
RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAY AM/FM Cassette Radio w/Equalizer
RCEP Infinity Speakers
RDDP Fixed Long Mast Antenna
SBAS Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCHS Sport Steering Wheel
SFBP Front Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
SGBP Rear Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
SHAS Front Stabilizer Bar
SUAP Tilt Steering Column
TBBP Full Size Spare Tire
TBHA Inside Floor Mounted Spare Tire
TSF P235/75R15 OWL All Season Tires
TZAP Goodyear Brand Tires
WJMP 15X7.0 Chrome Wheels
WLBP Steel Spare Wheel
WLYC All Steel Wheels
XEHS Jack w/Wrench
YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications
YFAA Incomplete Type VIN Indicator
YGKA 15 Additional Gallons of Gas
ZDRP Spring - Left Rear
ZHJP Spring - Left Front
ZSRP Spring - Right Rear
ZWKP Spring - Right Front
1ARS U.S. Recreational Vehicle
133S Zone 33-Philadelphia
3VSA Customer Preferred Discount
4DN Recreational Vehicle Tracking
4FMA Fleet Option Editor
631S New Jersey State Code
931S New Jersey State Code

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Thanks for sharing the pics and info!
I haven't made a thread in a while and feel I should. I been spending numerous amounts of time trying to improve the vehicle all around from power production to overall efficiency, basically I'm using math and physics to do this and I can tell you it's fun but gosh just when you think you found the answer you find another missing variable :(

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That's how it always goes!
Yea you're telling me. I have figured out quite a bit though lately, alot of good info I been finding here and there. I am going to be replacing my rear pinion yoke (upgrading) and my driveshaft soon so that should be a nice thread. I am also going to be doing shocks so I am just going to make a thread for that as well. I been spending more time responding to others questions, I haven't really tried making DIY guides. Thing is my camera is from 1999 so the batteries suck and it's hard as nails to have visual aid in my guides.
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