Southern California MOPAR Cruise

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In San Diego County, there is about to be mainly MOPAR event to help out VETERANS

I don't have all the information, i just caught it on FOX channel 5 news, as i am about to leave for a job, heading up to LAX with plane parts.

It is going to be the First of several events

It will end at the USS MIDWAY
They plan on being at the Midway about 11:30 am

The Event will start somewhere south of Camp Pendleton & i think that i heard they would be driving on the Coast Highway

The guy talking about it was a Corpsman, he said that everyone was welcome

The event will be called
Vets Cruizin' for a Cause

When i get back later today, i will try to find out more about it

I think this is possibly them
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This is great. I live in south orange county and am stationed in Camp Pendleton. It'd be awesome to go for a long cruise with the Mopar group.

Interesting that the only events listed on their page is the SEMA shows the end of March. I'll keep checking also to see what turns up. thanx for the heads up
1st Annual MOPAR Only Car Cruise-Saturday, April 7th, 2012 from 10am-2pm

I think that i found it

1st Annual MOPAR Only Car Cruise-Saturday, April 7th, 2012 from 10am-2pm
• This will be VCC's very first car cruise & will be a strictly held for the MOPAR community this means if you have an
old/new school Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep then you’re in.

The cruise will start off in Oceanside Regal Theatre Parking Lot off of
Mission Street & will end at the USS Midway parking lot. Veterans, Military, Non-Veterans, & Supporters encouraged to
attend. We realize that this will be a MOPAR only cruise, but as a way to reach out the other makes/models we are
would like all other makes/models to attend as well.
This is a family type of cruise & the route is specifically made to cruise the coastline, so there will be a lot of scenic views.
Based on the amount of stopping we might doing this will be about a 2 1/2-3 1/2 hour cruise, so bring your food & beverages
for the ride.
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It had to be this saturday... I will not make it. Fiancee and I will out on the Harleys tackling Ortega highway. make sure and get lots of pics if you go.
I may not be able to make it either
I am waiting for a phone call right now
I may be Escorting another Oversize Load of aircraft parts up to LAX

The other option is worse, if they decide to go this afternoon, i dread that, Friday 5 PM, the Interstate 5 to the 605 to the 105 to LAX & then back to San Diego
Do your best to limit the time spent on the I5 parking lot on Fridays.
I don't have any control over how fast the semi truck that is over 12 feet wide, that i am escorting can move through traffic
I just have to go with the flow & no one wants an oversized semi truck in front of them

I didn't get the call to go today, still waiting to see if they want to move the load tomorrow instead
figures they'd have something like this before I come home for midtour.....oh well....only another month and I'll be home for a few weeks....then only 3 more months left in Korea
I had a quick job to do before the MOPAR Cruise

I knew that i would not make it to Oceanside Ca. by 10am
I made it to Leucadia Donut Shop & waited on them to pass
At the start there were 25 vehicles, mostly MOPAR, 1 very classic Cadillac, 1 rice rocket, 1 old ford sub compact & my '09 Ram.

We followed the Coastline down to Quivera Basin near Sea World
I left them there, they were deciding whether to continue on to the USS MIDWAY, where they had found out that ACE parking company was going to charge them to park $5.00 per vehicle & they rather the MOPAR Club didn't show up
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