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Hi guys,

I decided this weekend to swap out my spark plugs and had no trouble up until getting to the driver side. I took of the air intake and had no problems getting the electrical connections off of the spark plug holder but when I went to unscrew the screw that's holding it in, it wont budge. It unscrews and allows me to pull up on it but it wont come out completely. I tried holding it down as I was unscrewing it, pulling up as I was unscrewing it. There is a little washer that sits under it so I tried holding that in place as I unscrewed it as well as letting it turn while I unscrewed the screw and I can just not get the damn thing to come out. Please help, is there something special I need to do to get the screw out?

I'm attaching a photo of said screw. I took the photo before I got started, that's why it looks like I haven't done a damn thing.


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