Spec-D OEM fog light install

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Hey all, I ordered a set of Spec-D OEM fog lights for my '02 Ram a couple weeks ago. Upon arrival I noticed that it was missing the bezels and the mounting screws/bolts. I called Autoanything and they said they would contact the manufacturer. A week later (today) they finally told me they have the parts on the way.

Did I mention the kit also didn't come with instructions? I am as newbie as it comes with electrical work, although I did get a pair of offroad lights installed a couple weeks ago. So I was looking at the fog lights to make sure everything makes sense, and I can figure out everything except where one wire should go. Starting from the switch to turn them on/off:

-On/off switch in cab
--> Plug-in, with 3 wires heading toward light harness
---> White wire leads to the light harness
---> Black wire is a ground
---> Red wire that has just a bare end on it

The red wire is what I can't figure out where it should go. The light harness has a wire to go to the battery, and a ground wire. Where is this wire supposed to go?

Also, an issue I had while installing my offroad lights was I could not find a way through the firewall. I worked around it by just routing the wire in through the door but I don't want a bunch of wires doing that. Is there somewhere that I missed? I looked for a good 30 minutes and could not find any way through. I would like to at least run the fog light wires the correct way.
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go to there is an in depth installation guide.
just click on the link and then click on the specific year and you can see how exactly to do it. i think you may have to undo the regular wires that dont plug and play and do what the guide says. hope you can get it done, and hope to see pictures.

please add to rep. :)
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