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i been looking and looking all i can find is stock 1s for about 200, i have aftermarket now but i lost my brights, i'd like to get them back but cant find any good sport edition 1s, i have 8k hids witch do me good but tired of getting flashed and not able to flash back, was looking at projectors but half of them say they don't work with hid's and also no sport edition 1s lol has any 1 with a sport edition found a good deal on some headlights?
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lol the way you put it makes it sound bad but i have my light's adjusted to be pointed down when im behind a car my headlight don't even touch there mirrors, and funny thing is the only ppl that flash me have lifted trucks or blazers witch makes no since witch make me want to flash them back and i'd love to get projectors but they don't make them for sport edition's
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