Spray in liner or Bedrug...?

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Next mod is adding a liner.. Spray in or Bedrug? I like the Bedrug but I am concerned about water getting under it and not being able to dry. Also, concerned about it moving around at is is only attached by Velcro. :4-dontknow:
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Hands down - BegRug!
It will not move unless you want it to.....and can be removed.....when you want to. :)
Hands down - BegRug!
It will not move unless you want it to.....and can be removed.....when you want to. :)
+1 on the bedrug! No problem with it drying out, just have to leave the tonneau cover open for a day.

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i agree bedrug all the way da gf got one on order for me for xmas and it is just as durable as a spray in and can be pressurewashed and it looks so much cleaner in my opinion but just do some research bud on the bedrug and see if it fits for what you will be using the bed for
Wow...that bedrug looks very nice, but for me, waaay to nice. I will always have a spray in liner as they are super tough and I assume that a spray in is much easier to clean. I will b using my 2012 for hauling some wood,dead deer, leaky coolers, bags of mulch, some lumber.....etc. I would think that the rug would just want to grip and hold some things too much, and I would never get it 100% clean.

But anyway, it comes down to what your going to b using your truck for the most I guess. I've never used a bedrug, but they look nice. Looks to offer "soft" protection if thats something your after?
The Bedrug is super easy to clean with one exception! If you haul wood all the little slivers and other junk sticks to the bedrug like sh*t to a wool blanket! Now this is nothing a good ol pressure washer can't take care of but it sure would be nice to just sweep it out. So in that instance, spray in wins!
Bedrug or bedtread for sure..Every spray in liner i have seen is either faded cracked,or the bed has dents in it from impact..I think the other protect the best..I could have done any i choose bed tread but thats me others may differ.
With the bedrug, you have a nice cushion for your knees or butt, you can sleep on it too

Cleaning it is easy, hose, sweep, vacuum, pressure wash it

acid won't hurt it either

your dogs will like it too

I suggest that you pick up some extra velcro, they are sort of stingy with it

One thing that is not too well known about the spray in liners
IF your vehicle is in an accident & the bed is involved, the body shop charges extra to make the repair

I have the spray in, because my bed is always full of work tools, located in 2 huge tool boxes

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Nothing bad to say about my spray in so that's where my vote goes.
Yeah I just don't understand the rug. What if you need to haul dirt/mulch/sand/etc.... There's no way you're scraping a shovel along the rug like you could a liner...and same with dragging something, I'd think it'd snag. I like the spray in's, I'll be getting one within the next year!
You can put a bedrug over a spray in liner.
I tore a huge hole in my bedrug hauling an engine with my last Super Duty. They replaced it under warranty and the bed was still pristine.

Not ideal that it tore, but GREAT CS.

I've stuck with the drop in on this truck. I like being able to pull it in and out. Yeah... it wears the floor a little, but the impact resistance makes a difference to me.
You can be extra careful and have all three!

I was on a buyers high when I bought my R/T and after the dealer sprayed the bed I found a local Lund dealer who had the Undercover top and floor only BedRug piece for a nice combo price.

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You can put a bedrug over a spray in liner.
Man, the true belt-and-suspenders solution for sure...LOL! Actually, with the exception of extra cost involved, that's about a bombproof approach.
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