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Hi, im going to tell you about my spyder fog light install. my dodge ram is very important to me. it was my grandfathers before he passed away in 2004. he was my role model. i will cherish and take care of this truck forever.

the fog lights are halo projector fog lights. i ordered them from they come with the switch and harness. im not sure if they come with the bolts, but i think they do. tunersdepot has great customer service. they were completely cooperative with me and actuallly called one of the warehouses to find out if the fog lights did come with the wiring. they are fantastic, and i would recommend anyone who wants this style of fog lights for your truck to buy from them. the set only cost me $103.00 thats a great deal.

i found out that the bolts needed are 5/16-18x 7/8. they are carriage bolts. 18mm thread. 5/16 in diameter, and 7/8in long. i just straight wired the switch wire to the battery with a 15a fuze and got the carriage bolts from my uncle.
here is a link on a step by step instruction manual to install the fog lights. you can choose to wire it oem or use the included wiring harness like i did.
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