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Ok first off, I have an '04 ram 4.7 qcsb 4x4. It did not originally come with fog lights so... I bought a kit but realized it didnt come with the headlight switch that is integrated with fogs. so anyway a friend of mine said he could get it to work because all rams are pre-wired with fog light wiring....WRONG!!! So he put everything in and said there was a small plug located at the bottom of the drivers kick panel behind the computer that just needed to but cut and spliced into..WRONG AGAIN!! I cut it and spliced a switch in and nothing. After realizing this I packed it up for the night, but when I went to start the truck nothing happened and it show as if it was in reverse!! The cruise control doesn't work and neither do the reverse lights!! I shouldve just taken it to the dealer!! anyway the plug is gone and the only way I can start it is to put the two wires together!! If I leave them together the truck comes out of park by itself!! and it wont go into 1st gear on the dash! ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! I learned a valuable lesson in this..Thx John
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