Status Codes: An Explainer

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You all know about the statuses that are periodically linked (B-KZ) in the status threads but you may not know what specifically they mean and the fact there are substatuses (other than B and D) that help plant people track specifically where a vehicle is in process. This is my view of the process and I may not be 100% accurate in some places (I'll call that out) but it should help provide insight into how your order becomes your truck:

B - Your order exists but isn't fully confirmed yet. Plant doesn't know about it yet. Systems are checking the order to ensure it's valid in terms of sales codes, Finance is checking to make sure the dealer has all their ducks in a row, etc.

C - Your order is "subfirm". The plant can see the order at this point but it's not fully committed to building as the supplier may or may not be able to get parts to the plant to build the truck. I am not sure of all the details on this state yet so I can't comment further.

D - Firm order. Your order now has a name instead of a number: A VIN! Materials should have been ordered by this point if all goes well, you should have a truck.

D1 - The date is set for your truck to be built. The plant knows when it should have parts sequenced for building and it should start to be built within 48 hours of the date set.

D2 - It's going to be built. The computers are being programmed, materials are being sequenced, framing is about to occur.

E - Frame. Metal is welded together to form the body and frame. The body is inspected at the end of this step to ensure it's within tolerances.

F - Paint. The metal is coated, primed, sprayed, clearcoated, polished, inspected, and hand finished if necessary.

G - Trim. The engine is installed in the chassis, the interior is installed, the chassis is mated to the body, the bed is put on. At the end of this, your truck is built.

I - Inspection. Your truck goes through a battery of shakedown tests and measurements are taken to ensure the vehicle looks and performs as expected.

JB - Body Vendor. The vehicle is sent off site to have a spray liner put in, steps, etc.

JS - Storage. Some of you call this "Prison". I like to think of it as QA trying to ensure you get what you expected. Typically if something happens or is found in the I step (or even a previous step), it goes here to get checked and fixed. A panel looks off color, a part on your truck was in the same batch as a bunch of failed parts, a light doesn't turn on, etc will all cause the truck to get sent here for a detailed inspection and fix.

Another reason it can end up here is either the dealer has asked to have the trucked delayed (it has a full lot and can only handle so many) or it has a special event coming up. Typically that isn't done on a sold order. It can also end up here at the start of a model year where production is ramping up but the vehicle has not be released (or certified) for shipment. You all are aware of this at the start of the 2014 model year.

Nobody likes the vehicle to be in this status as you don't get your truck and Chrysler doesn't make money.

KZ - Shipment. The truck is ready to be shipped. The dealer is actually charged for the truck. As you all know, this can be a source of delay. Typically you see me put two statuses here: Awaiting Shipment and "Staged for Shipment". The first means it is in the general shipping yard waiting to be pulled to be put on a truck and/or train. The second means it has been pulled to be put on a truck and/or train but it hasn't actually got on the truck or train yet. There are a ton of substatuses here to track the status of the vehicle as it makes its way through the shipping system. KZX is the only one that you really care about as that means it was delivered to the dealer.

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