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Recently my mom has been in my '08 MegaCab 4WD quite a bit (dad passed Sunday a week ago), and she has a bad knee (well not bad but healing from partial replacement about 8 mos ago). In and out of the cab is tough even with me helping because she's pretty young and wants her independence. When my '12 arrives it won't be any lower, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen a step bar with a secondary step (foot stirrup) a little lower. I have a 3 year old too and soon enough she'll be telling me she can climb in the back seat all by herself and it would help her (hell she gets in the car seat and buckles herself in though I check it of course). I'm going with after market powder coated 4" or 5" bars so I'm thinking welding a couple on could be done well and aesthetically correctly as well, but was looking for ideas if anyone has any.
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Our Ram is stock height with factory 20" wheels. My wife has had a major stroke that left her right side affected and very weak. She gets in and out OK with the factory step bars. They are solid and good when wet. IMHO they can't be beat. A good fabricator may be able to extend/reinforce the mounting hardware to drop them a couple of inches.
I think Dodge still has a $750 rebate for handicap required mods? (federal law)
How did you go about getting the $750? Proof of your mom living with you and her disability? She doesn't live with us yet though that will probably happen in the next few months, but she doesn't have a handicap sticker either (though she should apply). Additionally, she's only 4' 10" so that makes it harder too.
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