Strange TPMS issue

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I have been screwing with this for about 3 months now, and I finally concede and decided I need some help. Here is the background of my issue...

Long story made short my left rear TPMS is not working. I have had the monitor in the tire replaced, and still no luck... I have had the tires rotated twice since this problem came along, and always the left rear is in failure. Leading me to believe it is a problem in communication with the truck and not in the tire.

Where does the tire send a signal to? I found the TPMS "Brain" in the left front wheel well, and found no obvious broken wires or damage to the box/plug.

Is there something in the computer that needs to be reset/ adjusted? This issue happened right after I put my winter 20" wheels on from my summer 18" wheels.

Unrelated (or maybe not) I have had trouble with the left rear speed sensor twice due to my lift kit/snow build up combination.

The dealership wants $90 just to look into it, and I want to expire all my options before I blow the money on that.

My next option will be to wait till spring and see if my 18" wheels remedy the issue since Im not sure where the signal gets recieved by the truck itself.

Any ideas on what I can try, what I am missing here, or other insights would be appreciated...
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If you haven't already, try unhooking ur battery letting all the power get out and then hooking it back up, see if it will wake up the sensor or the "brain". good luck!
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