Suggestions on 20" tire options!!!

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Hey everyone. I have a 2010 sport with the 20" tire. It's time to replace them and I'm wondering what everyones 2 cents are. I been looking at the Firestone Destinations and Goodyear Silent Armours, just for examples. I've had the Goodyears before and I was happy with them, but I have heard of the recalls and not to mention, they are a bit pricey. I want something more agressive than the stock "M+S" (I use that term loosely...) but I don't want a full on mud tire 'cause most of my driving is on-road, and I would like to keep the MPG's as high as possible. Any suggestions? Any hidden gems I should know about? Here is my criteria:

-Stock size (or close to it)
-Decent tread
-Cheaper rather than expensive
-Avaliable in Canada

Any suggestions or experiences will be apreciated. Thanks in advance!
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im bouncing back between the cooper at3's and toyo open country a/t, had the toyo's on my 2wd drive ford and was never worried if i had to go off road when i needed to, never got stuck with them either, always pulled me out
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