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Hi, thank you in advance for reading

I am trying to fix a 2001 ram 2500. it has a 5.9l Magnum with automatic transmission. The low km engine we purchased to install apparently is a different year, also a 5.9l Magnum.

So far we have noticed the new engine has an EGR and a different wiring harness. as well as different looking distributor caps and electrical connectors.

Can this still be a straight forward engine swap?

Is it more economical to replace a few parts and do a EGR delete, or buying a matching engine or new truck?

thanks again

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If both engines are the same size

Why couldn't you use your original intake manifold & sensors, that way you could swap engines & not change much of anything

Just make sure that your intake manifold bolts & water jackets match up

I read something about a small difference between the 5.9l that came with an automatic or stick shift transmission, maybe something to do with the input shaft :4-dontknow:

Vehicles using the 5.9 Magnum

1998–2003 Dodge Dakota
1992–2002 (and early 2003 models) Dodge Ram
1992–2003 Dodge Ram Van/Dodge Ram Wagon
1998–2003 Dodge Durango
1992–2001 Dodge Ramcharger
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited

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I believe it was in 96, they changed to an OBDII computer set up and got rid of the egr. I have not done a swap like this, but I believe GT is correct. The wiring harness and sensors aren't compatible with your truck. You'd probably be best off to keep your original intake, your wiring harness and sensors, and just swap out the long-block.
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