Swapping out instrument clusters

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I have a ram express with the bare bones instrument cluster... can I swap it out for a sport or something else with the MPG calculator and other features and have it just plug and play?
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The swap not too complicated if you know what needs to be done but it is not a plug and play swap.

Some wiring and will need to be cut and spliced. Also you will need the upgraded steering wheel to control the EVIC and a sales code added to your VIN.

The plus side is that you get the EVIC and steering wheel controls including radio controls.

Not all of the EVIC funtions are automatically there. I am in the process of adding the overhead console to get Homelink and compass. I hope that the compass will work when I get the sales code added at the dealer.

The other function that I have not yet figured out is how to get the TPMS to display the tire pressures for each wheel. There may be another module needed for that?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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