Swapping out instrument clusters

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I have a ram express with the bare bones instrument cluster... can I swap it out for a sport or something else with the MPG calculator and other features and have it just plug and play?
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The dealer will likely tell you that it "cannot be done" just like they "cannot add a remote starter, or keyless entry". All of the wiring is present, it is a little more complicated than simply "plug and play" but not to difficult. The easiest thing to do is find a wrecked truck with similar mileage for the gauge cluster, and I believe the cluster is the exact same from all of the 4th gen trucks.
That's exactly what I was intending on doing... getting a cluster from a junkyard. The mileage doesn't bother me too much because if I ever sold it I'd swap it back out and add the mileage up, but most likely I will keep the truck until it becomes a mud buggy beater. Basically I was just wanting the better look and the ability to calculate MPG's... steering wheel controls I could care less about
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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