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This weekend I installed Spyder headlights. I wanted the LED's and Halo's to be on all the time. (DRL's) I did not want to wire them to the parking lights, cuz I am lazy and do not want to turn on the switch.

I could not find a write up on how to do this, so if there is one I apologize for duplicates. I am sure this is not the only way or the best way, but it is what I went with. (Also changed the grill to Chrome)

Besides the headlights you will need

two rolls of 18 gauge wire. (Radio Shack)
about 4 insolated M/F connectors.
and 4 splice connectors.

I selected to use the "Run/Accessory Control Output" circuit. The PDF files attached are the drawings I used.
View attachment FUSES_RELAY---RUN_ACCESSORY.pdf
View attachment Chrysler Wiring Diagrams (English).pdf

I located the DarkBlue/Pink wire under the fuse box

I spliced in a wire and ran it up to the front driver side headlight wire harness.
2015-07-26 16.04.44.jpg

I added a spade connector on the end to go to the hot LED lead wire on the lamp assembly.
I spliced in another wire to run over to the passenger side.
2015-08-02 19.34.06.jpg

Ran the wire along the wire harness that went to the passenger side headlight.
2015-08-02 19.34.20.jpg

I added a spade connector for passenger side assembly.

I did not get pictures of the rest of the connections.

To get to ground on both sides I spliced into the black wire on the parking lamp plug. I also placed a spade connector on that to go to the black wires on the lamp assemblies.

On the head light assemblies, I soldered all the Black together and placed a lead wire on this with a female connector and did the same with the Red (Hot).

2015-08-02 19.52.14.jpg

Then just install as normal.

Here is Before.
2013-03-23 13.53.19 (2).jpg

and After.
2015-08-03 16.15.25.jpg

Not the best pictures. Let me know your thoughts. I am sure there is a better way to do this so let me know. :beerchug:

Thank you all

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Fantastic Write Up...Job Well Done :smileup:

Thanks for taking the time to share and including pictures ;)

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Great write-up.... well done! :smileup:
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