Tail Gate issues?!

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Ok i have a weird problem..

I bought my 01 ram, and someone at one point swapped the beds, its a white bed was painted to match.. not the issue

problem is the tail gate hinge, and mount area on the bed

I went to the dealer to get new bushings to stop the rattle, this is when i found they dont fit, the "pins" on the truck side are small, the bushings fit really loose, and then the hinge side of the tailgate, the circle parts on each lower end.. are small, the bushing does not fit inside of the left side, the right side it will fit in, but VERY tight and rotates on the pin it self on the truck since it fits on those.. according to the dealer there was no other set up.. I have checked out like 5 other trucks and they are all the same with the larger bushings..

did they have a different tailgate mount at sometime? early on perhaps? I would LOVE to get this tail gate to stop rattling like crazy, but I cant figure out the mount issue and whats parts will be needed for it to operate correctly.

any help is appreciated