Tailgate Seal Kit

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Goodday ya'll!

So i put a BAKFLIP G2 Tonnou cover on my 2009 Ram and it is great and water proof...... but the tail gate leaks like a siv. Just driving on gravel roads or in the snow on the hi way the dirt and snow come right through the bottom and sides of the tailgate. if you look down the inside of the tailgate you can see right through it. I had like 3 inches of snow on the inside of my box against the tailgate and that is sort of defeating the purpose of the cover. I ordered a tailgate seal kit for 30 bucks and it is just a piece of weather stripping that sticks on and still doesn't seal it up good.

Has anyone found a good product to seal the tailgate?
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There are tailgate seal kits made by Extang, TrailSeal, and Lund, all are around the $30 mark. You can pick them up from AutoAnything as well. You can find them cheaper on Amazon though, Lund for $18.66 and the Extang for $21.98
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