Taylor ThunderVolt Coil Packs

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I just ordered a set of Taylor ThunderVolt Coil Packs the other day. I have 130K plus on the truck now, and just and a coil pack go bad. So far pretty good with the new coils. I also did a plug change. Did the Bosch Iridium plugs with the new coils. Wanted to see if anyone else did the Taylor coils as well, or if they went with a different brand like Accel or MSD's and if you have any feedback. Thanks, Andrew
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There is zero performance value with an aftermarket coil pack and there have been a higher rate of failures with the aftermarkets coils compared to the OEM ones. The only time I'd even contemplate changing coil packs is if you wanted a pretty red coil pack, or if you were replacing 3 or more packs, then it's economically viable.

If it had been me I would have just replaced the one bad coil with another OEM one and been done with it. That said, it's not a bad thing you've changed them all out, but we've taken the OEM coils to over 1400rwhp on the cars before the coil wasn't hot enough to not blow out.
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