Taylor ThunderVolt Coil Packs

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I just ordered a set of Taylor ThunderVolt Coil Packs the other day. I have 130K plus on the truck now, and just and a coil pack go bad. So far pretty good with the new coils. I also did a plug change. Did the Bosch Iridium plugs with the new coils. Wanted to see if anyone else did the Taylor coils as well, or if they went with a different brand like Accel or MSD's and if you have any feedback. Thanks, Andrew
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I priced the oem coils vs some of the manufacture coils (taylor, msd, and accel) that my work carries, and it made more sense to go with the Taylors over the factory OEM ones. It was only 20 bucks ish more to get the Taylors over the factory ones. I figured with one going bad, maybe more would eventually go so thats why i replaced them all in one shot. Also i knew new coils is not going to really change the performance. I just wanted the sputtering to go away after one of my coils went bad. I did also do the plugs. Whats wrong with going with the Iridium plugs? So far so good, and no issues.
Chefred, those are the correct part numbers that i looked at for all those manufactures. Since my work is a dealer through Taylor, MSD, and Accel products i was able to get the Taylors cheaper then Summit prices so thats why i went with the Taylors. Like i said, i only paid like 20 bucks more for Taylors then the oem ones.
Also, thanks for the info on the iridium plugs too. So far after a couple days, they seem to be pretty good. Before i did the plug and coil pack change i had a bad cylinder 2 misfire and it sputtered pretty badly. Now that i got everything in, it runs soo much smoother. I sell alot of coil packs to mustang guys, and i hear mix reviews all the time. Some of them last and no issues, some call in a week later saying its defective. So im praying....
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