Thank You to all!

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Hey everyone. I just want to take a minute to thank everyone for taking a look at my "Suggestions/Advice Please" thread from a while back in regards to problems with my truck. I appreciate everyone who looked at it and who also offered advice. Unfortunately, I had to junk the truck on Friday. After replacing so much to no avail, everyone i have been in contact with finally ran out of advice. And there comes a point where putting good money after bad no longer makes sense. I had the truck for almost 8 years and ran the hell out of it for that time and have to say minus trans problems, the truck served me quite well and am very pleased. But thank you again for all the advice and taking time to read the thread! And I do have one more request....I have a few spare parts from my old truck that I'm looking to part with and probably put on craigslist. Where would be the appropriate place to post a message of them being up for grabs on the forum?
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