The Blue Beast

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Hi guys, i just got my truck 2 weeks ago and Im starting to make plans and working on it, so this is my build thread and ill post as I work on it
to start its a 99 Dodge ram 1500 5.2L auto 4spd trans
here is a pic

I washed it up and took a quick picture before my electrical system went heywire, new battery (duralast gold) and its fixed
here is my first mod

here is what i planed for it
fix ball joints and u joints
2500 suspension swap
2 inch blocks and spacers (for a little extra tires)
Red Lights for Fire calls :D
led (Orange) cluster swap
interior lights (orange as well)
rear sliding window swap
under tailgate bar
smoking the cab lights
front bumper lights (fog and off road)

Still debating
push button start
side markers
new seat upholstery (black leather)

any tips, hints, or suggestions let me know
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