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I bought my '12 Outdoorsman on Oct. 14. It snowed 2 days later and we've been up to our 'nads in it ever since. 2 days after that, I started looking for a 4" lift for my truck. No such luck, nobody had one for the 12's yet. My dealer told me they could install one for me when they became available, but they tried to discourage me from doing it at all.

Fast forward to last week. I found and ordered a Rough Country 4" lift, tires, fender flares and other doodads, they are on a truck headed to me as I type this. Color me happy.

Now we got spring break-up happening and my only workspace is a slushy mud-pit out back. So as much as I hate the thought, I won't be installing it myself. But there are no decent shops in this armpit of a town. Color me a bit faded........... but...

I stopped at the dealership today and bypassed the counter-monkeys and spoke to the manager. Seems they are now happy to install the lift and align the front end after. It's gonna cost a bit, but it will be dealer-installed so any potential issues with the service dept. later will be easier to handle. My dealer treats me pretty good, so I'm happy with that situation.

Soon my truck will be up off the ground, sitting level and looking good, just like it should be. Can't friggin' wait.....
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