The Mystery Behind The Seat

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Hi folks. I'm a newbie here, so I hope I've come to the right forum section for this question.

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 ST Regular Cab. I haven't modified anything inside the cab of the truck, but over the years, I've noticed that something seems to be missing in the tool tray behind the driver's seat.

I have the standard OEM black plastic tool tray that has the raised dot patterned floor surface. This pattern spans 9/10ths of the tray, except for the area directly behind the driver's seat. There's a smooth, recessed area with two raised bumps and a slot near where the seatbelt goes between it and the cabin corner.

Also, there is a recessed carpeted area on the back of the cabin wall, which would indicate to me that whatever goes there is somewhat large. I'm not sure if this mystery item is an article designed by Dodge or merely a recessed area for something commonly stored behind the seat in this area.

I've only seen one blurb of information regarding this mystery item. Here's what I copied from the article; "Regular Cab models come fitted with a tray behind the seats big enough to hold a large bucket. Dodge even supplies the bucket." A bucket? What bucket? I never got a bucket. Does this bucket actually exist? Or, is it just someone's guess as to what goes there?

This is an image I found on the net. (I keep mine a lot cleaner)

I can't seem to find ANY info beyond this little quote about the subject, and the empty area glares at me each time I clean out my tray. Surely someone, somewhere, knows the answer. Help a fella out. :thk:
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