The ultimate package?

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In your opinions, what is the best package for performance, towing, and fuel economy? 3:92 vs 3:55, LSD or not, 5 speed vs 6 speed.
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1.) You bought the wrong vehicle if you are worried that much about the mpg
2.) Your driving style and environment (how aggressive you are, local terrain, etc) make more difference than your gears.

To the OP, bottom line is this. There are people who say that whatever they have is best and you'll have a hard time finding ground truth in this (or any forum). After doing your research pick which ever combination of gears/LSD makes sense to you.

I will leave with this. I have a QC Sport 4x4 with 5-spd, 3.55 and no LSD. I travel back roads and city streets (light to light) to work and I routinely get 16-18mpg every tank. I love my truck and it does everything I've asked it to do. That includes towing a 6'x12' enclosed U-haul trailer (fully packed) and had the bed of the truck full at the same time. I live in Colorado and had to go up/down lots of hills for my move. I never had a hard time. These trucks work well (when not down for warranty items).

hope that helps
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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