The ultimate package?

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In your opinions, what is the best package for performance, towing, and fuel economy? 3:92 vs 3:55, LSD or not, 5 speed vs 6 speed.
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What kind of weight and size will you be towing? I'll soon sound like a broken record around here, but when you talk about gearing, fuel economy, driveability, performance, etc., you're talking about having to make compromises somewhere at some point. You just have to pick your priorities in order and stack the deck to fit them. It's very logical to try and achieve the best in all categories, but it's usually a juggling act, and something will have to give a bit. The heavier the load you'll tow, or the bigger and less aerodynamically efficient the towed item is, the lower the gear may have to be. Plus, how big is your Ram? A full-boat, 4-door, 4WD, fully loaded pickup is going to suck some more power and fuel efficiency out of the engine and may also need lower gearing. My '12 Express 2WD with regular cab and short bed pulls my slightly-over-5000-pound travel trailer with ease with 3:55 gear. Your needs and results may vary.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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