There goes the money for Mods...

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I backed into a tree like an idiot. The bumper and taillight are no big deal, however the dents in the fender, and the fact that it shifted it over towards the tailgate a bit, and also upwards makes this repair pretty scary.. FML...:smiledown:...:4-dontknow:
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Time for a roll pan and tinted/LED tails! Everything is a mod opportunity in disguise.
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Yea, invest the mod money into some sick new led tail lamps.
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call you nearest bumper shop, or better yet a auto dismantling yard
2009 - 2012 bumpers should fit
any large dismantling yard with have a HOT LINE, connected to several other dismantling yards

a couple more snow storms & you should have several yards to deal with
I used to live in New England, not many people can drive in snow & ice when there is a hill involved
Thanks for the reply guys.. Well it would be my luck that the bed side would be involved, or I would have had the parts ordered already and been done with it. However if you notice the bedside is a bit jacked, you can see the smaller gap at the bottom of the tailgate, and really can't see the bedside on an angle above the tailgate. I took it too a good shop today and they did an inspection, basically the whole bed has to be removed, the spot welds drilled, and the bedside replaced. Believe it or not it's gonna be $2600 dollars worth of damage, however Geico is gonna cover it minus my deductible.

So away to the shop it goes, no HEMI for a while...:smiledown: Hoping for a decent rental...:str:
wow that sucks. Hope she's done fast for ya
Is the tree still standing? If so I'm sure its starting to get a little chilly...could be a good opportunity for some firewood!
Man, I hate it when those derned trees just jump out in your path! :doh:

I hope you get that fixed up quick.
dont feel bad i rubbed a barn LMAO
dont feel bad i rubbed a barn LMAO
did you hit the broad side? LOL
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