Think I broke something

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Hi all,
Best holiday wishes to everyone. Great site.
Brand new member. Need info badly. This afternoon while changing tire, truck slid off of jack and landed on rim. Painful to watch. Jack became wedged and used another jack to rescue. Everything underneath looks fine but now have four distinct dash warning lights / messages. ABS light, ESP indicator light (sliding car), low tire pressure light and in the center of dash the SER 4WD / ESP BAS warning is given. What have I done to my truck?
Would greatly appreciate any information.
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I had the same thing happen to a buddy and it was the wheel speed sensor. If the truck cant see the speed sensor it will freak out. Im guessing your cruise control stops working too. Shouldnt be too bad to fix.
Thanks for all the info guys. CombatMedic - you're right on the money: no cruise control. Had tire patched today. One lousy little roofing nail. One bad jacking job. One big headache. Live and learn. Thanks again guys and have a happy holiday.
Wheel Speed Sensor it is. Hope the stealership doesnt screw ya! :LOL:
Hello again guys. Thanks again for the previous info. Quick question. Everything I read says the Wheel Speed Sensor is mounted on the differential. I can't see anything there but have a small wire harness going to each rear wheel, right near the Emergency brake cable. Is this the WSS or something different ?? Could these wires be part of the Low Tire Pressure receiving system ?? Main reason I ask is, really the only area that received any abuse from the fall, which was only about 10 inches or so, was the inside of the wheel - right around the shock mount, etc. This wire and adjoining mount to the inside of the "plate" definitely took some shock. How could a "smallish" fall harm something way back at the differential ?? Thanks again fellas.
The Tire Pressure Sensors are wireless. Im guessing that the wire is for the WSS. Ive seen them in other trucks and the WSS is small and if it takes a :box2: they will stroke out.
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